My name is Faye Thornhill and I am qualified Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Practitioner. I have also trained in Neural Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Energy Frequency Tapping. 

I have been in awe of the power of hypnotherapy since I hypnobirthed my children 10 years ago. I initially studied hypnobirthing and offer the full Katherine Graves course, which I call a gift. But as I worked with hypnobirthing I wanted to understand more so then also trained as a hypnotherapist.

I specialise in pain management and feel to be able to help a person find a place within, where they can find some escape and peace when suffering from chronic pain is a truly wonderful thing to be able to do.

The power of the mind really is a wonder of this world and everything we experience is purely our perception. In our busy world with so much to do, our minds and thoughts can become clouded and we can lose the ability to connect into ourself. I have a passion in helping people find and reconnect into their own power and strength. It is all within you…….