KGH Scotland believes every mother has the right to a beautiful, empowering, natural birth. Offering the premium hypnobirthing course established by Katherine Graves and accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, we will endeavour to assist all mothers to have an empowering birth.



“Words are the most powerful drug known to man”


Hypnobirthing is a method using hypnosis to remove the fear of birth and give confidence and empowerment in the ability of your body to birth your baby.

The course is both logical and profound and explains the reasons pain exists in labour and the way it can be eradicated through relaxation. 

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Discover the empowering calm of hypnobirthing.

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Mother and Newborn


I really do use the word “wonderful” to describe the birth of our baby, and I know there are so few women who are lucky enough to do that. I believe so strongly in the power of positive thought and the strength of hypnobirthing - we put in a lot of practice and it really paid off.