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Hypnotherapy can change your life.


It can help you achieve profound change in your behaviours. It does this by allowing your mind and body to experience deep rest and relaxation which in turn allows the sub conscious mind to be open to suggestion. Quite simply it is a way to re-programme the mind in a space where you can reconnect with yourself and your own power.

It can help you find coping mechanisms for anxiety, stress, depression and chronic pain. It can also help you have an empowering birth. Whether you want to overcome a habit or phobia, perform at your best or are looking for a way to find clarity of mind, clear thought and become whole again hypnosis could be the solution. 

Eyes Closed

How I Work

Each hypnotherapy session will be completely unique and tailored to your own goals. We will discuss what you want to achieve, agree targets and steps on how you will succeed. It is important to understand that hypnotherapy will only help you make the changes to your life that you really want to make.  


Chronic pain management

Relive IBS symptoms

Hypnobirthing – Full course

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Smoking Cessation

Weight Control

Overcome Phobia’s

Overcome Performance Blocks


Faye Thornhill

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